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Bring me the head of Simon Cowell!

Man. I’ve been waiting ages for someone to finally post a pic of today’s great thing on-line so that I could share the joy with you. I first saw it on television a couple of months ago. I’ve been scouring the Internet ever since looking for an image that I could use to depict the otherwise indescribable brilliance. I’ve had this blog entry sitting in my files in ‘draft’ status since my witness to its glory. I knew, deep down, that I could rely on the ‘internets’ to one day help me in my quest to bring this to the masses (or at least the people that read my blog.  Hi Mom!). At last, that day has come. I have located photographic evidence of one of the most magnificent artistic achievements of the last one hundred, if not one thousand, years.


Best friends!

I only wish that I had more than these couple of photographs to share. Perhaps some kind soul will post a video of its unveiling on Youtube. If that blessed day should ever arrive, you can count on me updating this post.

58.  Simon Cowell’s Papier Mache Head

The artwork made it’s debut in the audition stages of the television program X-Factor. The show is to Britain what American Idol is to America…some of the same producers and all. There are some format differences–this show breaks contestants into four categories:  men, women, over 25’s, and groups, but basically, it’s a singing talent search and show. Well, in the always-entertaining (and sometimes cruel) audition stages of the show, one contestant, Russell Baines, brought with him a homemade effigy of Simon Cowell’s head.  Apparently, he’s a fan.

They finish each other's sentences...

They finish each other's sentences.

One of my favorite details of the whole event is that Russell was carrying the head around with him in a plastic bag.  Macabre!

His skin tone looks a bit boiled red, but overall, I think the likeness is there.  The flat-top hair, for instance, is perfect.  In a more recent episode, Russell was invited by the show to bring on likenesses of all the X-Factor judges.  I don’t have a pic yet, but here’s a pic of the judges.

Trust me, the photographic evidence, when I eventually find it, will be worth the wait.  It was the best thing about the show that night.  I have a renewed appreciation for local arts and crafts.


Russell J. Baines has most kindly sent me this youtube clip featuring the segments.  Hats off to Russell!  Thanks for helping me to complete this blog entry.  I can’t believe this day has finally come.  See folks, I spent so long looking for what I needed…leaving a half completed idea in my blog drafts while the X-Factor dwindled into it’s final weeks…the cultural relevance of the moment passing me by and for what?  The moral is, you can’t just wait for it to come along.  You gotta make the universe know what you need.  You have to put it out there!  Because maybe, if you’re lucky, someone will read your blog and give it to you.

X-Factor and papier mache enthusiasts take note, Russell has also provided in the comments section, a link to his excellent facebook page that offers more details about his experience on the show and a fantastic album of sculpted heads.  Without further ado…the footage:

(or…a link to the footage at least!)

Watch and believe!


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