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Baby Shambles

So, today’s great thing has already had over 4 million hits on YouTube.  So, there is a chance that you may already be familiar with this little delight.  It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all week:

169.  Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas

Before we begin our dialogue, let’s watch it shall we?  It’s about a baby trashing a bar in the Spanish resort town of Las Palmas–a destination frequented by many British and other European tourists.  The writer/producer/director of this short is Swedish filmmaker Johannes Nyquist.  There are puppets and a baby involved.

Pretty funny, yes?  I am a sucker for stuff like this.  What shall we label this genre of comedy?  I’m thinking that it’s about something real invading the land of the puppet/toy or vice versa–where the puppet or toy enters reality.  Examples that spring to mind include the killer cat scene in Team America, the real-world scene in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, and perhaps the interviews of Triumph the insult comic on Conan O’Brien.  Is there already a name for this sort of thing–the collision of the manufactured with the ‘real’?

Does this picture freak you out too? Let this be a lesson to you...don't use Google Image to search for pics of 'real life Sponge Bob'. Thanks for the nightmares, internet.

It goes beyond the humanization of objects/animals.  It’s more than just anthropomorphizing something.  It puts that anthropomorphized thing(s) into a more interesting situation.  What can we call it?  Puppet relocation program? Figures Action? G.I.Go? These are all terrible suggestions.  Please think of something good, dear readers.

Anyway, back to today’s winner, “Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas”.  How come it’s so funny?  Without getting too cerebral about it, I think it is so successfully ridiculous because it so wonderfully mirrors real life.  Babies, like drunk people, have very little self-awareness and are primarily concerned with their own happiness and pleasure.  There’s just something uncanny in the way that kid swirls/smells that wine glass and the overturns it on the table…the way she steals food…the way she falls into the table.  In this tow-headed child, we see our own tanked, blitzed, and rat-arsed selves.

Already a hit, the video has already been blogged about and dissected on other better known websites.  As the more culturally sensitive amongst you may have already predicted, some people out there think it’s inappropriate to put a baby in a bra and make her drink juice disguised as beer.  My very own girlfriend was sort of uneasy until I talked sense into her/cruelly mocked her  This columnist asks if the video has gone too far.  Read Here

Well, does it?  Should I be ashamed to find this video so wonderful?  I don’t think so.  I don’t think that what is happening here equates to any sort of abuse.  I do think that there ARE times when we should be more protective of our kids and there are times in the entertainment biz when it’s clear that something is exploitative.  But, I think there’s a difference between what happens in Toddlers and Tiaras, for instance, and what’s going on here.  This isn’t some sad sack Mom dressing her kid up like a prostitute and parading her around just to feel better about herself.  This is a genius bit of comedy/commentary about adults.  I also don’t think there should be a worry about the child and any unwanted exposure.  No one in the world is going to be able to recognize that kid in two years–as they grow they look so different year to year.  No, I don’t have kids, but I’ve seen it happen.  I barely recognize the photos of my adorable nieces that my sister sends.  By the time she’s 3, she’ll have a completely different facial structure.  By the time she’s 10, she’s only going to be famous for this video if she WANTS to be…if she identifies herself and takes credit for it.  This is also why I don’t think Adam McKay’s done a disservice to his daughter for the Funny or Die ‘Pearl’ videos (“The Landlord” and “Good Cop, Baby Cop”–watch them if you haven’t already!).  Who in the world, besides the Family McKay, is going to know what Pearl McKay looks like now that those videos are a few years old?

Anyway, I–for one–am eagerly anticipating the release of the FULL “Baby Trashes Bar…” video (this, apparently, is only a portion).  Here are some promising stills from the continuing saga!

OK, that last pic isn’t from the short.  I found it on Google/Tumblr.  Pretty rad though, yes?  I typed in ‘unicorn awesome’ and this is what turned up.  I forgive you for the real life Patrick the Starfish picture now, internet.

If you, like me, have too much time on your hands and are excited for the full ‘short’ to debut on the internet, go to the creator’s FaceBook page.  That name again is Johannes Nyquist.  ‘Like’ the page and you should get updates when it comes out.


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The Littlest Slumlord

It’s been far too long since I’ve watched this clip.  I think a whole year has passed, as a matter of fact.  For a while there, it seemed I was watching it three times a day.  I made myself sick of it.  But, like a great song that wears out its welcome on the radio, you know that if you give it enough time, you’re going to enjoy blasting it again one day.

The time has come for me to appreciate today’s great thing anew:

96.  The Landlord on Funnyordie.com

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yes, this was first hot in 2007, but I’m just back to love it some more.  Out of seemingly nowhere, I’ve started quoting lines from it again.   Mostly “You need to RELAX” and “I want my MONEEEEEYYYY!“.

I think Adam McKay is my preferred comedy partner for Will Ferrell.  (He’s the other guy in this sketch–also that’s his daughter, Pearl.)  I base this on the fact that he’s also responsible for two of my faves (and everybody’s really)–Anchorman:  The Legend of Ron Burgundy and the pants-peeingly funny Step Brothers.

Whilst Ferrell is on top form in this sketch, the real star is of course, foul-mouthed little Pearl.


The Princess Dress is the hiliarious icing on the cake...

You might wonder if Pearl’s parents were concerned about her spouting such vitriol at Ferrell.  Your answer is here from Wired magazine:

In the meantime, we asked McKay if he had any reservations about teaching his daughter the B word, which young Pearl hurls at Ferrell during the course of her tirade.

“I didn’t because Pearl’s at this phase where she repeats things but doesn’t remember them unless she says it like 20 times,” McKay says. “She’ll say anything and it goe away pretty quickly, so I felt pretty safe with it. Also, she has no context for what it means. She didn’t even know she was on camera. And, the word ‘bitch’ – – you can say it on television. I would never use the F word or any of that. It felt pretty playful and I knew Pearl wouldn’t remember, and sure enough she’s never said it since.

After The Landlord, Pearl went on to film Good Cop, Baby Cop which is also available on funny or die.  Naturally, that short was also a smash.  But, that’s all we’re going to get out of Pearl’s acting career for now.  TMZ offered the following quotes regarding her retirement:

“My ventures as an actor on the Internet have been rewarding and spiritually fulfilling, but now I must look to broader challenges as I approach my 26th month,” says Pearl. “I shall always reflect upon these days with much fondness, and also, I have no idea what I just said, and I want banana-nana and the upside down show.”

“Retirement has been really good,” Pearl told us in between naps. “I played golf with Charles Barkley and Dan Marino the other day.”

As to her upcoming schedule, Pearl revealed, “I got offered a job at a casino as a greeter. But mainly I’m spending time with my family, spilling juice and putting things in my mouth that I find on the floor.”

It’s creepy to google too much about Pearl, so I’ll just leave her alone now.

Let’s close with one of my favorite scenes from McKay and Ferrell’s Step Brothers.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please do–with a group of friends.  (Comedy is most effective when viewed with the masses.)  Even my easily annoyed girlfriend loved it.

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