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It’s Better Than Cats!

Stupid September with its lousy thirty days!  I like to try and get four blog posts in per month.  Unfortunately, due to the powerful combination of hectic workdays tempered with unabating laziness I’m skating pretty close to my deadline on this one.  Luckily, there’s always something to write about.  Mother London, a London (duh) based ad agency came up with this wonderful Ikea ad.  I’m loving it so much that it’s today’s great thing.  (They are also behind the fab Wicked Witch of the West commercial that I covered a few months ago.)

149.  “Happy Inside” Ikea Advert

It’s a fantastic spot.  Enjoy:

Even if you’re not a cat-person, per se, I think the ad does a great job of conveying the comfort of home. Happy cats just have those contented expressions that are so easy to relate to.  In fact, in easy to see most human emotions in cats.  You can always when they’re either comfortable, peeved, antsy, or high on the nip.  Cue the success of LOLcats and much Internet adoration.


Pissed off!

Totally high!

The music choice is also solid.  It’s Mara Carlyle’s “Pianni”.  By the way, in addition to playing the piano, Carlyle also plays the saw.  So, that’s cool.

Here’s a bit of behind the scenes footage. from the commercial shoot:

Ikea has some particularly memorable ads.  I remember an especially nerve-striking commercial from a few years ago.  Spike Jonze directed this little spot.

That commercial really gets me…thanks to Toy Story.  That movie agitates my pre-existing tendency to anthropomorphize inanimate objects.  You know what I mean…I feel bad if a stuffed animal falls off the bed.  I have to give it a little pat to make it feel better.  I’m thankful to Spike Jonze for pointing out what a twit I am.

YouTube actually has a whole treasure trove of fantastic but banned Ikea ads.  Mostly, it’s their spots that are a bit racier that people get tied in to knots about.  We can’t have nice things.

Now, I’m off to Ikea to buy some byurgs and flirgens, and a billion tea lights.  See you in October!


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