My Comedy Links and Vids

Here we have a sampling of comedy videos and links to reviews and such…

Funny Looking Podcast: January 2013:

Funny Looking Podcast

From Stratford (Gag Reel) April 2015



Student Direct

Reviews of my first 30 minute set at a festival. Leicester February 2012:

Arts in Leicester

Joseph Ross-Williams via Leicester Times

Alternative Leeds Uni Gig ‘Mutant Milk’. Feb. 2013:

Review From The Student Journal, Feb 2014: StudentJournals

“McCabe’s material is consistently good, often making the room spin with laughter”–The Student Journal
“Original and quirky material… McCabe’s frank and wacky humour, delivered with confidence and a hint of self-mockery made for a memorable start”.–

“Delivers strong material with aplomb”—Three Weeks
“More Tina Fey than Katy Brand”—Student Direct“McCabe stormed the venue…a thorough delight to watch”—Arts in Leicester

Jim Meehan (of Gein’s Family Gift Shop) to The Skinny Magazine:  “An American comic living in Manchester, Kate is funny, irreverent and non-clichéd. She talks about untouched topics, and by that I don’t mean close-to-the-bone subjects, I mean properly untouched topics like Beatrix Potter and gravy. I’ve seen her MC a working men’s club and smash it so I can’t imagine what she’d be like in front of a group of like-minded comic book geeks and video game nerds. She is a true original and deserves to find her audience as soon as possible. Also as a female, gay immigrant she ticks nearly all of the diversity boxes from my friendship group card. What a bloody hero.”

Review from Cup of Beans (September 2017 gig)


Review From the Margins (September 2017 gig)


6 responses to “My Comedy Links and Vids

  1. Awesomeness!

    It’s excellent to see some of your stand up. I was wondering how long it would take to see a clip or two. When does the DVD come out? 🙂
    You do well with your British accent. My imitation of the British accent is limited to, “Lovely Governor” and a John Cleese rip off of, “You Bastard!”

    Great job on the stand-up and I look forward to seeing more of it.

    • katemc39

      You are most kind! I received this comment from you right after some troll called me a ‘mother hen’ on my ‘about’ page. I had to go to urban dictionary to look up the meaning (besides the obvious one) of ‘mother hen’. Obviously, I deleted it.
      Thanks for checking them out anyway. I’ll try to keep posting as/when I have new material in the sets that I do…Have a great weekend!

  2. Laurel McQuown

    Aaaauuuughhh! The blasphemy! Did I teach you nothing in Theology, Miss McCabe??? I can only hope Jesus is merciful and only tortures you for *most* of eternity in the fires of hell.

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