Welcome to my warehouse. My name is Kate McCabe and I’m an American comic living and working in Britain.
I’m a stand-up, improviser, comedy coach, workshop facilitator, and VO artist.

Please feel free to use the ‘Get in touch’ page to contact me regarding bookings and queries.

Also, this place USED to be just my old blogging page. So, the front page contains my many many ramblings.  Here’s what the intro info for that blog looked like….

Katie McCabe is an NYU theatre grad and a voracious consumer of pop-culture.  She has performed stand-up in and around NYC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the U.K.

Though she lives in Manchester England now, she can’t quite wean herself off of Entertainment Weekly and Wizard magazine (the number one pop culture mag for men, apparently).

If you’ve just stumbled on to this blog and want to know more than the ‘about’ page can tell you, why don’t you start by reading this first entry?

It goes into the rhyme and reason for this blog.  It best explains why I’ve chosen to rave about random bits of pop-culture, digestibles, and life’s little trifles.

Here it is:

Inspirational Great Thing

It’ll all make sense…

She hopes that you love things that are great…

...like drinking with dogs...
…like drinking with dogs…
...Fun Christmas Parties...
…Fun Christmas Parties…
...trying on other people's glasses so that you look smarter...
…trying on other people’s glasses so that you look smarter…
...Or Spending Time With Your Best Dinosaur Friend
…Or Spending Time With Your Best Dinosaur Friend

15 responses to “About”

  1. katie!!!! you are the best!!! and i am so happy stephie sent me your blog. are you back in england? thanks so much for the wedding card!

    love mccrae

  2. maybe i will be the only one to comment and I will be #1001 Mccrae is great!

    i just finished reading all the entries to date and am impressed by your knowledge of pop culture and your ability to incorporate one of the best phone call lines this year into your blog…yet another reason alec baldwin is great.

  3. Hey Mccrae! Your comments are just great. Real swell! Thanks for being a knock-out dame and reading my blog.
    I really appreciate it!

  4. Ironballs McGinty Avatar
    Ironballs McGinty

    Insightful, humourous, witty, dynamic, controversial and cutting-edge are just some of the adjectives I wouldn’t use to describe this homage to the trivial banalities of life. If I wasn’t in hospital recovering from having my iron balls replaced by graphite ones I’d come over to this Minchaster place and kick your ass!!!!

    Get a life you milkface bastard!!!!

  5. I’m gonna kick your ass you troubled troubadour, McGinty! Unlucky for you that you sit next to me at work! After I kick your ass I’m gonna steal your food and flood your basement apartment.

  6. aude ferreira Avatar
    aude ferreira

    russell parles tu francais??

  7. wow. look at you now! you’re brilliant! not that you weren’t back in the day, but we were all a bit loony when you go back 15 years. the little pub back in the states that is Mr. Toad’s misses you, kiddo. you look happy. i’m glad. nice dog, btw.

    1. Hey, holler back! Don’t go yet. What’s going on with you?

  8. Hi. Just wanted to say that I am also a pop culture whore and I have been thoroughly entertained by your posts.

    1. Thanks very much, Lacy. I appreciate your blog patronage and am always looking to hear from other pop culture addicts! Hope you’re having a great weekend–preferably with a good movie, book, or new CD to get excited about.

  9. You’re from PA, so you know this culture. Does this make you homesick? I hope not.

    1. Dang! What a find! They did a pretty terrific job of covering PA excellence. It’s a big ass state. Lots goin’ on…between the amish and deer and snowstorms, you know?
      I think Gov. Rendell should make this the official state song…

  10. Dammit, Katie! It’s great that you love to play with animals but did you have to be so rough on the dinosaur that you ended up killing the poor thing?


    1. Ha! I can’t have nice things…

  11. George Saliagopoulos Avatar
    George Saliagopoulos

    Hi there

    I’m working on the PR campaign for Tyrell’s Crisps and we would love to speak with you!

    We’re launching the brand new ‘Best of British’ range competition winning flavour crisps (Salt Marsh Lamb and Mint & Stilton and Grape)and would love to send you a press release and some tasters.

    I couldn’t find a contact telephone number or an email address so I thought it wise to use the send a contact tool here.

    If you could please get back to me via email that would be great!


    George Saliagopoulos

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