Best-O-Ween 2011!

It’s not too late to throw out a wee post about some of Halloween’s best offerings this year, is it?

Nah…let’s go for it.

170. Best-O-Ween 2011

Here’s a compilation blog featuring some of the best Halloween-related stuff that I have seen this year.

If you read this blog regularly you know that I love me some Halloween.  I had complained a year or two ago that the UK simply didn’t do it up large like the Americans do.  But, I think that’s changing.  Maybe businesses finally see how easy it is to cash in on Halloween-related crap, theme nights at bars, fancy dress parties, etc…

I have to say, one of the best thing about Kraft Foods (an American company) taking over Cadbury’s has to be that we now have THESE fine foodstuffs:

Americans! Bringing you chocolate covered gore! Hooray!

Really, England, I don’t know what you were kicking up such a fuss about.  When the takeover happened everyone was all worried that the quality of the chocolate would suffer…traditions would crumble…we’d shit it all up with our tackiness.  Obviously you were wrong.  We just added some awesome.  You’re welcome, Britain.

Ok, so what else is worthy of our attention this year?  The doggy dress up competition in NYC is always worth a chuckle.  Here’s the link to some of the best:

Dogs in NYC

Nothing tops that bulldog, for me.

Well…maybe THIS Staffy does.  I lifted this from Pedestrian TV. (All credit due)

You won't like me when I'm growly.


In the human costume category, I have to give it up to my cousin, Emily Heinrich.  When I was a kid, I was spoilt by a mother who made costumes herself–amazing constructions.  With the help of patterns from JoAnn Fabrics, I was often the best-dressed kid on my street.  My Mom must’ve lost her nut the year I chose the ‘elephant’ pattern.  It was pretty complicated.  She did a great job with those ears and tusks and trunk though.  Love you, Mom.  Emily is carrying on that tradition…perhaps even a bit further…as her creations don’t look like you could even buy a pattern for them.  Check out how she dressed her boys this year:

Emily Heinrich is crafty
World War II Ace! Sopwith Camel!


The Loony Toons monster AND Snoopy’s Red Baron-chasing Sopwith Camel?  That’s just ace, Em.  Well done.

Speaking of crafty people, here’s a little gem that someone forwarded me…allow me to give it a proper introduction:

“Hey lady…looking to throw a kicking Halloween bash this year but CAN’T afford fancy store-bought decorations?  Well, look no further than your bathroom cupboard.  As long as you’re still menstruating, you’ll never be without the potential to terrorize folks!  Check out our new tampon ghost project!


Hee Hee–ewwwwww

Don’t like wearing tampons?  I’m pretty sure you could do something similar with this.  It has wings which could resemble ghostly arms!



If you can’t get enough of making things out of tampons, you’re in luck.  Here’s a web-site devoted to the art.  Thanks internet!  tamponcrafts

Let’s close out this Halloween love fest with a modern classic, shall we?  Werewolf Barmitzvah, anyone?

See you in November!!!!

4 responses to “Best-O-Ween 2011!”

  1. Hallowtastic!

    I love the hair monster from Bugs Bunny. Did you know if you cut all the hair away, nothing is left? It’s true. I saw it in the cartoon.

    30 Rock is great. When I first saw Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, three days of singing the chorus in my head.
    No costume for you this year? You had to be something other then a comedian with a ghost tampon around her neck?

    1. Haha, you know it! I was Vampire Bill from True Blood. (I would’ve been a cooler character from the show…but he and I were the closest ‘hair match’.) I also found a civil war type shirt to wear…so I was civil-war era Vampire bill. Even though he’s southern…I didn’t want to appear racist so I just pretended that he secretly fought for the north.
      did you do anything Halloweeny this year?
      Are you in a Christmassy mood yet? I’m making wassail this weekend. And spritz cookies…

      1. Very nice. Civil war vampire.
        Did you see there is a moving coming out next year call “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”? Maybe next year you will have to look out for Lincoln if you wear the same costume again.
        Took me 22 hours to make a Black Plague Doctor costume. Then it took me another 13 hours to make the wife and daughter a Heat Miser and Snow Miser costume. I don’t want to sew anything again for a long time.
        No X-Mas mood here. Probably because everyone has had the decorations up since Nov. 1st. If I have hear about Grandma and Santa’s hit and run one more time, I might puke. You’ve got to have a limit too for the X-Mas music too?

      2. I applaud your Halloween efforts! Black Plague Doctor is a genius idea as those costumes are terrifying. Also, top marks for the heat and snow miser. I really love seeing original ideas…A+
        I HAVE seen the notices for the Abe Lincoln film. My buddy Ari has read the book and highly recommends it. Might pick it up after I finish the Hunger Games trilogy.
        Reading anything good right now?
        I don’t have too bad of an intolerance for Christmas music but I DO have my preferences. Definitely hate the grandma run over song…ugh…
        But, I LOVE the Charlie Brown Christmas music and there’s a couple of 80s classics that I’m still partial to. Spotify has broadened my Christmas horizons this year.
        You play Arkham City yet? Or plan on playing it?

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