Hello faithful readers and/or people who are only here because they are google-image searching one of the great things I’ve covered.


Insert Lady Gaga pic here:



First of all, Happy Halloween! Secondly, I’m currently in NYC (going to watch the Halloween parade tonight! I’ll post some pics later on.) Having just gotten hitched to my lovely wifer (that’s a combo word of wife and partner that I’ve invented for gay people and straight allies to use), we are off to honeymoon in Ecuador! Why Ecuador? Well, in a very self-righteous fashion, we want to spend our honeymoon dollars in a country that has gay marriage and, if you can believe it, they do! So, we’re off to the jungle and the capitol city of Quito, and do some horseback riding.  We’ll try get out of there before the police try to stage another coup.
Anyway, the reason I’m saying this is because I’ll be post-less for a couple of weeks.  I’ll miss you guys but I’ll be back with new and exciting South American things to talk about.
See you guys in mid November!!!

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