Bestoween 2010!!!

Halloween is my second favorite holiday.  It sits in an elite position right behind the almighty mega- post Black Friday event that is Christmas (to be fair–nothing comes close…Santa doesn’t play fair).  But, I truly look forward to Halloween every year and I’m excited to blog about some of the best Halloween-related things I’ve seen recently.  So, for today’s entry, it’s a sort of All Hallow’s Eve spoooooky potpourri….

153.  Best-o-Ween 2010

First up, costumes!

In the Best Costume for a Pet category, the best I’ve seen this year is:

Pug dressed as Teen Wolf!  Yes, giving the pug the award for the year is a bit like giving the British period piece The Oscar, easy and predictable, but look at that picture of that mildly embarrassed pet dog and tell me that’s not genius.  Also, you can tell that this dog lives in a house that loves Halloween.

For more dogs in costumes, here’s a slide show from this year’s Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade.  I’m loving the Tron dog.

Tompkins Square Park

We have a highly impressive winner in the Custom-Made Costume Category this year.  It’s an amazing home-made Iron Man costume.  Man, I WISH I had the ability to put something like this together.  I’m sort of piecing my own Green Lantern costume together this year.  But my novice coupling of black leggings and a superhero tee-shirt looks like a clogged toilet by comparison.  You’re going to have to click here to see it.  But, the snaps are beee-yoootiful: (Iron Man Pics

In fact, the mydisguises blog is chockablock with amazing costumes/ideas.  If you love a creative costume idea, click and go to town! (Find the Darth Vader in a wheelchair pic…so cool!)

Now, onto:

Best Appearance By an American Icon in a Halloween-Related Political Sketch Which Also Advertises a B-Movie Program

Well, this was a tough category this year…so many to choose from…but it has to go Elvira and her fun little jabs at The Worst Witch, Christine O’Donnell.  Enjoy!

Big round of applause for Elvira, everybody.  Still looking good.  I think next year, there needs to be an all-Elvira post on this blog…

Best Lists from Other Websites

Though some of them sound a little less than tasty or tempting, I’m intrigued by this list of Halloween shots.  They certainly LOOK good and you’re guaranteed to be barfing up some pretty colors the next day: The Intoxicologist

HuffingtonPost brought us the Creepiest Vintage Costume list this year, if you haven’t had a peek…there is indeed some macabre looking stuff…made even worse because some aren’t supposed to be scary:  HuffPost

Best Pumpkin Categories

Best pumpkin inspiration/model…this LolCat…Come on everybody, you STILL have to love a good LolCat.

Best funk-pumpkin.  I’m loving this Bootsy Collins look

Best Scary Pumpkin…hands down has to be this disgusting Predator carving.  Amazing details…but yeah…all those feminist theory classes were right.  That mouth does resemble a vajayjay.  Not mine…but…um…someone else’s crazy vagina dentata.  Use protection, kids!

Best Thing I Wish I Could Go To This Year:

New York’s Steampunk Haunted House.  Talk about putting your back into it!  This looks like quite an affair and something well worth the ticket price.  Plus, steampunk is so hot right now.  Damn that steampunk!  It’s so hot right now!  (Name that film!)  Here is footage from last year’s house followed by a weblink:



Well, that’s all for now. I’m off to try and find the perfect mask to compliment my stirrup pants and store-bought mask.  Trick or treat, y’all!  May your bags be full of rich neighborhood candy…

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