Somewhere Over the Double Rainbow

I feel a bit behind the curve on today’s great thing.  (In fairness, being behind the curve in the age of the Internet means being about a second behind everyone else.)  My brother-in-law just forwarded this YouTube delight to me.  I knew NOTHING of it and since he emailed it to me, I’ve watched it countless times.  So, apologies if today’s great thing is old news to you (I believe the video made its net debut in January of this year).  But, hopefully, I’m acting as the herald of web-excellence here for at least a few of you.

141.  Double Rainbow Video

In this cynical age (of which I’m usually proud to be a part of), it’s good to know that all it takes for some people to have their heads exploded is two big gay old rainbows.  This video was filmed by a gent who goes by the handle “Hungry Bear”.  (His real name is Paul Vasquez).  What’s excellent about this is not necessarily the natural phenomenon of two rainbows, but the narrator’s breathless reaction.  He cries, he laughs, he has an absolute joy overload and, from the sounds of it, an existential crisis at the same time.  I love his unbridled enthusiasm.

Here’s the official clip:

But, as our video’s narrator questions, “What does it mean?”  I imagine it has something to do with moisture/light/and refracting or something.  Also, here are some definitions that Google came up with:

  • Double Rainbow is a brand of premium ice cream based in San Francisco, California. The company has franchises across the United States and also sells quart and half-gallon products through chains such as Trader Joe’s.
  • Double Rainbow is Aya Matsuura’s sixth album (her fifth studio album), containing two of her previously released singles. It was released on October 10, 2007.

For deeper sociological insight, here’s a rather excellent cultural reading/analysis of what the clip’s viral success means:  What does it mean?

And a CBS news report–cashing in on this meme.

I kinda don’t like the interviewer’s tone.  Come on, lady.  Don’t yuck Hungry Bear’s yum.  I rather like to think we’re laughing with him and not so much at him.  It sounds like he legitimately just wants to share cool nature videos.  Plus, then I don’t have to feel like a jaded douchebag.  Reportedly, he’s a cagefighter…so this is his way of trying to mellow this crazy world out.  You know, for every bone broken or face gouged, share a rainbow or a fawn grazing or something with the world.  She’s right about one thing though…there are already plenty of tee-shirt designs out there.  Here’s one of my faves:  Threadless

I’ve decided that anytime I use the word awesome, I’m going to replace it with ‘double rainbow’.  You may use it too if you want.

I wonder if this guy likes Skittles.  I would sort of like to send him two packs.  I think the opportunity to taste the double rainbows would flip his shit right out.

3 responses to “Somewhere Over the Double Rainbow”

  1. I love the crazy stuff that gets popular on the Internet. This week it’s this news story about someone breaking into someones home. I don’t know if you’ve seen it.

    Now as if this news story isn’t entertaining from the overly animated guy, someone made a music video from it.


    1. Zounds! I hadn’t seen that. People need to stop being so unintentionally hilarious. Also, those auto-tune guys are genius. I smell a future blog entry…
      Thanks for the link hookup, Caveman.

  2. Shit, this guy is on total ecstasy…

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