Yay Jude

So, today’s great thing is someone who, it struck me recently, kind of crept into my list of awesome things without me really noticing that it was happening.  It’s weird, when I was young, I didn’t think she was attractive at all.  Maybe it was the uptight character she played…or maybe her look was too interesting/non-traditional  for me.  I mean, when I was ages 8-10, I was more into the Mom from Silver Spoons.  You know…porcelain pretty and rich and fictional.   I also wanted to eat nothing but Pixie Sticks.  I was young.  Whatever, I’m glad that I haven’t lost out completely.  There’s still time for me to appreciate the aquiline nose of today’s great thing:

138.  Judith Light

Like Helen Mirren, she seems to be getting better with age anyway.  Think I’m just making an easy excuse for my lack of sophistication in my youth?  Well think again!  The evidence speaks for itself:

From her soap years…or a maxi-pad commercial…I'm not sure which.
I can smell the hairspray from here.
Modern times.

She’s a fancy lady!  I wish she was my…like…my sexy older comedy benefactor or patroness.  Or something.  Besides being a foxy lady, Judith Light is also a huge supporter of gay rights.  I love a straight ally, I do.  But, what I like most about Judith Light lately, is that even though she gets cast in these high-powered and steely career women roles, she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.  On Family Guy, she lent her vocals to an animated version of herself in one of their little cutaway sight gags wherein she has a Tony Danza dummy that she makes out with.  She is disappointed when a cannister of plain old oxygen arrives when she was supposed to get a delivery of Tony Danza breath to hook up to it.

And, even though, she was reportedly top-notch in Broadway’s cancer-drama Wit, she was also pretty damn funny as Claire Meade in Ugly Betty.

She'd make a great Prof. X.

The following video, to be accurate, does not present a terrific interview.  Tony Danza is no Letterman or DeGeneres…he’s not even Leno..But, it does have a few highlights:

1.  Danza, before showing the ‘Tony and Ange-LER!’ kiss, calls it a ‘TV first’.  I’m dying to know what he means by that.  A ‘first’ what?  Intrigue!

2.  A surprise soap opera clip.

3. An exchange of Tiffany’s gifts.

4.  Tony, surprisingly and astutely, observes that it’s hard to make a two-hour movie out of a half hour program.  Ahem, Sex and the City.

Enjoy…or not.

Of course, one of the reasons that I’m currently fascinated by Judith Light is that I’m bingeing on Law and Order:  SVU episodes and she plays the complicated but highly appealing Judge Donnelly.


Wouldn’t you love to go for drinks with Judge Donnelly and Dianne Wiest’s District Attorney Nora Lewin?  Plus, you might run into Stabler and Benson.  Then you could grab dinner with Alexandra Cabot!  What fun!  I wish there were a Law and Order action figure set.  I’d so make room for that on my kitchen table.  It’d go right next to my Springfield Elementary playset and my Xena dolls.  (OK…I’m only partially exaggerating about how sad I am…I don’t have those items on my table.  They’re in a box in the closet.  But still, I’d so play with Law and Order dolls whilst I eat my Honey Nut Cheerios at the breakfast table.)

To close out today’s blog entry,  here are some bloopers.  It’s actually a compilation of Who’s The Boss bloopers, but the first ones they show are Judith Light’s.  Yes, I actually typed “Judith Light bloopers” into YouTube to find this.  A bit pathetic as far as entertainment searches go, but I only sink so low so that I can present you, dear reader, with a fuller picture of the greatness that is Judith Light.  Most of these are pretty standard “I forget my line…hahahahah” type mishaps, but I think you can still see the spark from JLi.  That’s what I’m going to call her now.  JLi.

2 responses to “Yay Jude”

  1. I know this really doesn’t have anything to do with this, so sorry. The “Who’s the Boss” just reminds me of when my friend Mark go into a screaming match with Tony Danza while on the set of the movie “Dead and Alive: The race for Gus Farace”.
    He saws Tony and just yelled at him, “Who’s the boss? You are!”
    Tony didn’t like it. He started shouting at Mark and vice versa. Ok, I am done.

    1. Boy, why doesn’t that surprise me? People never have a sense of humor about anything. One time, when Patrick Swayze was a customer at a bar I was tending, I so badly wanted to write ‘i hope you had the time of your life’ on his check. My boss forbade me.
      Also, about Danza, he went sort of stupid in a pre-interview that was caught on tape last year. Don’t say offensive things when you have a mic on, jackasses of the world!

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