Our President Could Beat Up Your President.

I can’t believe this weekend is almost over.  For serials, peeps.  It feels like last week was a week full of Mondays and that Saturday just whizzed right by.  I didn’t even feel it happen!  I think some levity and brevity is just what the doctor ordered.  So, let’s watch a funny cartoon, shall we?  It’s today’s great thing:

132.  Brad Neely’s George Washington Short

Now, what I’m about to show you actually doesn’t belong to Brad Neely anymore.  Apparently, he lost ownership of it.  He unknowingly sold the rights (for two hundred and fifty bucks) to Cox & Combes who were sponsors of a film festival it was entered in.  Some ‘fine print’ type misunderstanding.  Kinda sucks.  But, it’s still funny!  The video is  heavy on the hyperbolic patriotism and is mostly comprised of unsubstantiated claims…but similarities to Sarah Palin end there.  This is actually funny on purpose.  I love, love, love it.

I think my favorite illustration is the still of him throwing a buffalo.  Also, is it just me or do the vocals kind of sound like the lead singer from “Cake”.  You know, Washington is “Going The Distance” and all that.

Brad Neely

Though he’s been working on his comedy output for a while, Brad Neely is brand new to me.  Don’t you just love a discovery that’s already established?  It just means that I’ll have a bigger archive of material to distract myself at work with over the next couple of weeks.  Sorry clients.  You’ll be able to find me here:

Creased Comics

From Creased Comics

Reading up a bit on Brad Neely, I also discovered this ‘wish I had been there’ event:

Yet another reason to miss NYC

Yes, that’s right…he hosted a screening where he read his alternate script for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone over the actual film.  Naturally, Warner Bros. put an end to that fun pretty swiftly.  But, you can still download an Mp3 of his performance and host your own screening…which I plan on doing shortly.  Here’s the link for you, dear reader:  illegal-art.org

Karey, if you’re reading this, I’m inviting people over soon.  The guest list will likely be my nerdier friends as it is only nerdy hipsters that will truly appreciate the content.  (I always have to warn her when I’m planning anything social as she is primarily an ornery hermit.)

Further discussion of funny people talking over film soundtracks to be featured in upcoming MST3K and Kung Pow:  Enter the Fist blogs that I swear I will get around to someday.

Most of all, Brad Neely is now another addition to my list of people that I wish I could hang out with.  I mean, read this portion of  The Onion’s AV Club interview:

D: But as a kid, you’ve got to love the Ewoks.
BN: [The filmmakers] knew what they were doing. I slept on a bed of Ewoks when I was a kid. I would take a pillowcase and cut a hole out and wear it, and be an Ewok. I didn’t give a crap if Leia was going to have sex with Han Solo in the forest. I wanted to see that fucking teddy bear eat corn out of her hat.

Don’t you want to go to the movies with him?

You know how there’s that standard ‘get to know you’ type question of, ‘who would you invite to a dinner party if you could invite anyone in the world’?  That’s always been a difficult question to answer because I think that there’s a lot of cool people around.  So, I’m going to cheat a bit and narrow it down into categories.  Therefore, my answer to the question of ‘which three web-based humorists would you invite around for dinner’ would now be:   Brad Neely, Christian Lander (the author of Stuff White People Like), and Natalie Dee.  I’d serve tacos, sangria, and some sort of fruit pie.

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