And the Award For Best Bit of the Night Goes To…

Well, I’ve never been the most topical blog.  I mean, only last year did I express my love for Madeline Kahn in the movie Clue.  So, admittedly, I’m about two weeks late in coming to this award-party.  But, I just watched The Oscars.  There was a lot done right, in my opinion.  Though I absolutely hate the ass-kissingly awful way they present the nominees for best actor and actress nowadays–“Meryl Streep, the first black president in the Western World was elected last year…but it was your performance in Julie and Julia that really changed the world”–I did like much of the program.  I will readily admit that I’m on the side of the fence that actually liked the dance crew routine for best original score and I think Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin did not disappoint.  I can’t stop saying “There’s that damn Helen Mirren”.  (One of the best lines of the night) and I also can’t stop sniggering about today’s great thing.

124.  Oscar Night’s Parody of Paranormal Activity

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve actually seen the film on which this parody is based.  But, Paranormal Activity was a pretty talked-about pop culture nugget towards the end of last year and I think I got the gist.  Spooky house…married couple can’t figure out what’s disturbing them or what’s happening whilst they sleep…video cam is set up…crazy crap is captured on film…moments of terror ensue.  Got it.  I adore Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin anyway.  Here they are, as captured in two of my favorite films.
The Jerk

So, I was pretty excited when it was announced that they would be sharing the Oscar hosting responsibilities this year.  I mean, I even want to see It’s Complicated based on the promise of their combined magic.  I love these guys.  Whilst, I wouldn’t call this year’s ceremony a total knock-out (yes even this dynamic duo had a few mis-fires), I thought it was pretty fun.  Without further adieu, here is the best bit of the night:

As someone who suffers occasionally from night terrors, I can relate.  Nothing like getting up and staring in a paranoid fashion at the wall.  Sometimes it takes me ten minutes to figure out that the evil red light is just the alarm clock.  I also reportedly hog the covers and flail endlessly in my sleep (this is according to my gf…though I’m tempted to get some vid cam proof of this myself).  This is all highly familiar territory.

The slap, of course sends me into hysterics.  Watch it again and look at Baldwin’s hand shoot up in the air after the attack.  Perfect.

The Oscar website has an extended version, but I actually think they chose the right one to air.  Link to extended version The extra bits actually make it LESS funny because it presents Steve Martin as being more conscious through it all whereas I think this little satire works because they’re both supposed to be unaware of what they’re doing.  What say you?

2 responses to “And the Award For Best Bit of the Night Goes To…”

  1. As someone who has been on the receiving end of the flailing sleeper, I can’t sympathize with your GF.
    Yes, night terrors are horrid, but so is the startling affect of being punched in the nose while in a deep sleep.
    I’ve lay in bed for about 30 seconds trying to figure out “what just happened”, “why does my face hurt”, and “did I just dream that?”
    Either that, or I’ve got ghosts.

    1. Punched in the face?! That’s harsh…but also kind of funny. Maybe you should wear a helmet to bed…
      I haven’t attacked my gf…YET. She is significantly wigged out when I go through the antics though…she has a hard time falling back to sleep after I wake her up with my walking about or shooting upright in bed.
      It usually happens when I feel like I’ve got a lot on my plate. Same for you/your partner?

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