Pre-Heating The Oven Is So 2008

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was here blathering on about spritz cookies. nom nom nom Gosh, how time flies when you are a biscuit-scarfing fatass.  I figured that I should highlight another seasonal favorite here because it’s Christmas.  And it’s important to have a selection at Christmas.  It’s the American way.

112.  Fudgy No-bake Cookies

Boy oh boy did I eat these by the plateful when I was growing up.  They’re not really Christmas-themed, per se…but they always got picked for my plate at the family party.
Wait! Come back! It's not what it looks like!

Yes, I know they look like excrement but, trust me, they don’t taste like it.  Wait…does that sound like I would KNOW what poo tastes like?  Because that’s not what I mean.  I’m just saying these taste much better than they look.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t dig up much about the history of this cookie.  To be fair, they seem more like a happy accident than anything that was planned.  So, I’ll just have to take up some space talking about why I think they are so deserving of being on my great-list.

Beyond the awesomely rich and satisfying chocolate taste of the fudgy no-bake, there are a few of reasons why I’m so partial to them.

Firstly, these cookies ALMOST seem like they should be healthy for you (even if they’re not really) because one of the primary components is wholesome oatmeal.  So, even if you’re ingesting a little chocolate lard bomb, at least it will help to keep you regular too.  Plus, the oats provide a wonderful little bit of chewiness to the texture.

Secondly, they  have the added bonus of not posing any risk of bodily harm (except maybe obesity) as I don’t even have to turn on a stove.  Though there is a minimum amount of boiling necessary, I don’t at any point have to reach my arms into the oven.  It is a little-known fact that I’m not only LAZY in the kitchen but I’m also terrified of burning myself.  So, that’s sloth AND cowardice.  Now you know.

Thirdly, they feature one of the best flavor combinations of all time:  chocolate and peanut butter.  Testify!

If you’ve never heard of/had these delightful treats, I highly recommend whipping up a batch.

Here’s the highest rated fudgy no-bake recipe from cookie eaters, click here

If that’s not easy enough for you to follow, enjoy this how-to video.  The video is almost entertaining solely by itself even without the happy output of cookies at the end just because of the slightly macabre music and the narration at the begining…”Chacalate peanut budder no bake COOkies”   I’m going to say it exactly like that from now on.

Here’s yet another version of the fudgy nobake…this one has the addition of raspberry jam.  Even though it’s a ‘healthier’ version, I’d still give it a whirl as the fruitiness here might make it an exciting alternative.  the one with raspberry jam..

I haven’t made any Christmas cookies this year.  (Where has the time gone?)  But, I think this holiday champion might just save the day. I might make a batch to take with me on Christmas Day.  It’ll be my contribution to the soiree.  It’s so easy it’ll be sort of like bringing jello but these British folks need not know that I haven’t slaved away on them.  Hey, there’s that sloth again!

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