Best’O’Ween 09

Last year, to celebrate Halloween, I wrote up blogs on pumpkin templates and animal Halloween costumes.  Well, a year has passed and…sure…I’d love to do up some fresh takes on this season.  But, I just can’t resist a good pumpkin OR pets all dressed up.  So, I thought, why not do a best of 2009 Halloween list.  Except, I’ve expanded the categories.  Huffingtonpost has been running loads of good Halloween lists, so if you get a moment, go and check those out…I’ve snagged many pics from that site.  I wholeheartedly recommend their collection of ‘best geeky’ costumes.  It’s a treasure trove.

105.  Best of Halloween List

–Best Pumpkin Template:  By a liberal mile, the best new addition to Halloween-squash  awesomeness is this Rachel Maddow pumpkin stencil.

Smartest pumpkin on teevee.

–Funniest Costume (Female):  This 80’s Sitcom Mom as made available on   Proves that raising kids in the eighties is hard, but HILARIOUS!

80s Sitcom Mom Costume Wig
–Best Group Costume:  iPod commercial dancers.  Yes.  A thousand times yes.

–Best baby costume (warm weather climate):  Nacho Libre!

Nothing like a two year old with a 'stache!

–Best baby costume (cold weather): Luke Skywalker inside a dead ton-ton

You can buy this at Think Geek.

–Best Pet (Non-Dog Category) Costume–This cat…just look at that aggravated expression.  Priceless.

"You come near me little dog, I'll bite your neck and scratch your silly little ears off."

–Best Dog Costume–Redneck boxer…he looks like he’s right off of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

"You ain't got nothin' better to do but stare at me?"
Bring me back a beer, will ya?

–Best Dog Costume (Breed Appropriate)–It’s a French Bulldog as a Gondolier, get it?!  Oh wait…Venice is in Italy…whatever–close enough.

France is not Italy, moron.

–Most and Best Effort:  Coolest Transformers costume ever.  And I don’t even LIKE Transformers.

Well, that’s all for now.  Happy Halloween, dear readers.  Back to regularly geekitude next month.

3 responses to “Best’O’Ween 09”

  1. is it bad that I really would like to own the 1980s mom sweater?

  2. Some excellent original costumes do exist. Even some for women that aren’t “sexy”. I though this one was beyond original.

    1. Agreed! Kudos to that lady! Thanks for sharing…totally ace costume.

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