Sex and Candy

I love a good costume party.  Tis the season, after all.  Whilst I have to admit that I have certain categories which I gravitate towards when it comes to Halloween costumes–generally, I like superheroes, pop culture curios, and things with fangs (I dropped a hundred bucks of graduation money on a custom-made pair after college and it makes me want to incorporate them into ANY costume so that I get my money’s worth)–I think that the effort I make is more legitimate than most girls.  Because, if you haven’t noticed, girls have  certain Halloween ‘cheats’.  Ladies have fallbacks that they feel comfortable donning.  Typically it’s something we’ve seen a million times and that they don’t have to think too much about.  Pumpkin, disco queen, angel, etc…Usually these things are pretty lame, not funny, scary, or cool by my geeky fangirlish standards.  Much of the motive guiding their choices is so desperately obvious.  You know it’s always a bid for the most male attention on the night…so they’ll dress up like cats, bunnies, and devils.  “But, that’s not a crime is it?” –you might be asking yourself.  Why, at least they’re doing something, right?  Wrong!  Well, it’d be one thing if there was legitimacy to the cat or devil costume, but often these things don’t look much like what they’re SUPPOSED to be (before they got sexified).  It seems like every time you look at the lady’s costume category when purchasing your get-up for the year, you have nothing to choose from except tarted-up versions of animals, inanimate objects, and boys costumes (Lady Spider-Man for instance…no, not Spider-Woman…a Spider-Man outfit with a skirt).  Hence, you don’t get to be a real Ghostbuster, you can only be a ‘sexy’ Ghostbuster.  Sigh…
You're a cat? Really?
Devil? Oh, If you say so…
A bunny…in heels…have fun hopping away from predators, 'rabbit'.
Urg…I can't…I just…no.

This phenomenon is something that today’s great thing captures perfectly.

104.  Nick’s Commercials, “Girls Costume Warehouse” (as seen on College

Recently, my cousin Becky posted this height of ridiculousness on her Facebook page.  No, your eyes do not deceive you.  They have created a sexy ‘Finding Nemo’ costume.  What’s that in the distance?  Why, it’s the fourth horseman of the apocalypse.  Tis the end of civilizations.

Sexing up Pixar is against God.
Hello, I signify the End of Days.

After commenting on Becky’s posting of this, she shared with me today’s great thing.  I think the crew at Nick’s Commercials really nailed this worthy target.  Enjoy:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So true…so very true.  Let this be a wake up call, ladies.  Put more effort into your Halloween gear.  Stop letting only dudes look pithy every year.  I know Becky’s daughter is going as Rosie the Riveter.  Now that’s proper!

Anyway, for more on the subject, I’ll leave you with a good bit of commentary from  Washington City Paper.

Sexy Costumes

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