Heads Will Roll

OK, so I’ve had a crazy busy month what with it being the busy season at my day job and me spending all my free time putting up a two hour long sketch/stand-up show (it went up last weekend thank you very  much).  So, I haven’t been paying enough attention to this blog.  I try to get one entry up per week, but I’m lagging and it’s the last day of September.  So, I have to make this one a quickie as I’m desperate to stay within my goal markers of four entries per month.  Apologies here for giving you guys a bit of a cheat, but today’s great think is going to photo-based.  Mind you, the subject is really hot… so stop your bellyachin’!

101.  Anne Hathaway preview pics from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Worthy excuse for being at loss for words…

I think Hathaway is super dishy AND I’m a big Tim Burton fan.  (I even rented Frankenweenie after first viewing Edward Scissorhands–which is one of my favorite films ever).

Even that mouse thinks she's hot.

I feel a bit like I’ve missed good old Tim Burton lately.  When was the last time we were really enmeshed in his world?  Oh right…2007’s Sweeney Todd.  But doesn’t that seem so very long ago?  Burton is overdue.  The only reason he gets a pass is because his films look like they take a really really long time fussing over the art direction.

Doesn’t Hathaway look absolutely ace as The White Queen?  Shine on, brunette eyebrows!  I seriously can’t wait for this pic.  As if the mega-cast and director status weren’t enough, the stills from the film are beautiful.

Here’s the teaser trailer, in which Helena Bonham Carter has a giant head and Johnny Depp continues to kick people’s faces off with his awesomeness.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To close, a still of what’s likely to be my second favorite character/visual in this film–the eternally cool embodiment of the trickster…The Cheshire Cat.  Grin on you maniac…grin on.

Why so serious?

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