It was only really thanks to The Onion‘s A.V Club section that I caught wind of today’s great thing.  The writers run a reader Q and A feature and the question of the week was something akin to “what’s your favorite time-wasting website” and one of the writers mentioned failblog (as well as an almost as good site called  I can’t believe I’ve only JUST found out about it.  I’ve been a loyal patron of such LOL sites as and for quite a while and there’s a link to it right on those sites.  (They’re owned by the same peeps–The Cheezburger Network of websites).


It’s not too difficult to explain.  It’s basically the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” or “You’ve Been Framed” of blogs.  It’s a collection of pics–largely reader contributed–that capture either a moment of clutziness or stupidity or a complete lack of self awareness.  There’s about a half dozen George Bush pics in there.  On the odd occasion, there’s a video clip.

It’s pure genius and to get you started, I’m posting a few tasters here so you get the gist.  Then…you must click the link.  There’s almost three hundred pages of gaffes already to enjoy.  failblog

I especially love the animal-related  fail pics.




You’ll never work a full eight hours again.   You’re welcome.

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