Back Off Haters!

Do you like feeling like you’re smarter than other people?  You do?  Good.  Then you’re going to love today’s great thing.  For a wee while now, I’ve been enjoying the videos of an Internet singing sensation–one “Miranda Sings”.  Thanks to Ari Solomon for turning me on to this.

87.  Miranda Sings

Miranda is a hilariously terrible singer.  She has dozens of videos up on youtube (and her own website…)  where she tears into both musical theatre songs and current pop hits.  She even takes requests from her “fans”.  I may request something soon.  There’s something special about Miranda’s obliviousness to her own lack of talent.  I wouldn’t call it vanity, I’d call it true tone-deafness.  Here’s a clip:

The comments after each video can be quite cruel–repeatedly calling on Miranda to realize her own suckitude.  Here’s a couple of examples:

–BOOO U SUUCCKKK!!! and yes this is a hate writing on ur STUPID ASS video. And ur not good at singing, infact anything, even talking so if i were and ur stupid ass ugly face, and wired eyebrows i would quite ur singing carrer, thats if u r a sing.. whitch we all no ur not CUZ U CANT SING AND U SINK LIKE FLYS ON SHIT!

THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD BE JEALOUS OF YOUR SINGING!! I sink 100 times better than you. and im not the at good. U go way to high and low your off key. you can hold a not and you R so flat. plus you look scary as hell. learn to but on lip stick you dont glob it on, it called “LIP” stick for a reason. i only seen 1 of your video not even 1 less than half. and NEVER AGAIN! I’D RATHER DIE! the only people who r jealous of you are those who sing worse then u BITCH

The thing is, it’s a complete wind-up.  It’s a bit obvious really.  It’s amazing how rabidly angry some idiots will get about something that’s clearly a joke.  But even the woman behind Miranda Sings, Colleen Ballinger, seems to relish the ‘haters’.  She wallows in the convention of on-line cruelty and shouts ‘back off haters!’ in almost every post.

One of my favorites though has got to be this comment, which demonstrates that it’s not only bored and spiteful thirteen year-olds that fall for this obvious prank.  It’s high school teachers as well.

Wow so this girl is FULL of herself. I love how my choir teacher showed our ENTIRE class this video and said ‘And this is exactly what I don’t want you to do…’ This woman is WAAAAY off.

Yikes…you’re supposed to be shaping our young men and women into the leaders and citizens of tomorrow.  Teach them to recognize sarcasm and parody!  It’s a life skill!  The last thing we need is another generation of idiots who think that Stephen Colbert is being genuine on The Colbert Report.

Adding another layer of delight to this farce is the fact that Colleen Ballinger is actually enormously talented.  Here’s her performing outside of her Miranda persona.

Self-deprecating musical theatre comedy–could there be anything more deserving of a big gay following?  Speaking of which, if you’re lucky enough to reside in/around the NYC area–she’s making an appearance tonight in mid-town.  Check it out!

I would so go to this…

If after reading this, you’re now a fan–and why wouldn’t you be–here’s how you can check out more vids.

As Miranda:  Mirandasings

As Colleen Ballinger:   Youtube Profile

Please take heed that on her website she is now selling tee-shirts.  Anybody out there reading my blog who intends to get me birthday present?  Please get me this.

It’s a still from my absolute favorite MirandSings video–her tribute to “Single Ladies”:

Ooh, before I sign off, one last reason to join the fan-club.  This is what exists on her twitter account:

  • Bio– I am a professional singer and I didnt want a twitter but I saw that someone is posing as me and I dont like it. so i decided to make a real one of myself.

Followed by:

  1. I am mad because someone else is posing to be me on Twitter. Back off hater.2:08 PM May 12th from web

Excellent!  Twitter is a step too far!  Even Miranda has the good sense to see that.

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    1. On top form! Thanks for the video link. The family photos are the best!

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