Black Betty

Normally when I elect to write about a performer, I like to narrow it down to a specific role or performance.  With today’s great selection, it was just way too hard to try and hone in on that one special ‘golden’ moment.  Call me lazy but I just don’t have the time to trawl through 60 years of showbiz trivia in the space of one week.  This performer is just too prolific for my deadline. That’s why I’ve gone a different route and have harvested some of the oddities featuring this actress that live on-line.

85.  Random Betty White Cameos and Vids

Betty White is a national…nay–GLOBAL treasure.  Growing up, I only knew her as Rose Nylund from the show “The Golden Girls”–a sitcom that never ceases to get at least one good giggle out of me per episode.  I’d like to thank Lifetime Television for ensuring that I can continue to enjoy that program every day for the rest of my life.  But Betty White has many skills.  Her resume includes the following:  model, animal activist (she’s purportedly a vegan), game show goddess, talk-show regular, sitcom actress, movie star, and sassy Grandma.

The more mature readers of this blog may recognize her from such television series as  “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and the aptly named “The Betty White Show”.  She reaches a younger, viral audience today mostly by spewing out unexpected obscenities like in this roast of William Shatner:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more shockinginly filthy Betty, check out this clip from :  Behind The Scenes of The Proposal

But she’s so much more than just an unexpected dirty word…

In the late seventies, Betty was a frequent guest on game shows.  If you were on “Password” and wanted a win, you best be paired up with Betty.  She was a lock.  Check this clip out.  It’s like she is sending telepathic messages to her lucky lucky partner.

Now, a couple of talk show clips.  She seems to make regular rounds on the Craig Ferguson show–usually in some type of crazy character persona.  In this clip, she’s playing a McCain speechwriter.

Here’s a cute clip from her appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” wherein Betty goes back to her modeling roots.  Work, Betty White!

This next one isn’t that funny.  But, it’s worth a quick gander just for the sheer delight of seeing Betty White in braces.  It’s a sketch from the TVLand Awards–Ugly Betty White.  Plus, it was kind of hard to find so I thought I should shove it here onto this page before it disappears from the ‘net’ completely.  What can I say?  It’s the collector in me…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This trip into the Betty White archives has been fun.  What a little dumpling.  Just check out those dimples.

But sometimes, when researching these great things that I love so dearly, I learn too much…potentially forcing what is a great thing to be cast into a different light.  Turns out, there’s been a long standing rumor about an alleged mutual loathing between Betty White and her “Golden Girls” co-star, Bea Arthur (God rest her soul).  Check out this thread which goes into hilarious detail.  The Rumble in Boca Raton I shudder to think that Betty White–good natured friend to animals and game show contestants–is a total fraud.  To be fair, how likely is it that everyone in this crummy world is going to get on 100% of the time.  Maybe there’s some truth to their rivalry.  Maybe it was like an old school east coast/west coast hip hop battle.  That still doesn’t make either of them a bad person…just not entirely compatible.  Besides, you never know how much of that stuff is true.  Betty White is classy til the end.  Here’s her celebrating her work with Bea after Ms. Arthur’s passing:

Betty White, I hope you’re around to entertain us with your fantastically feisty patter for a good while longer.  And then?  I hope they clone you.


2 responses to “Black Betty”

  1. i love Betty White….No matter how old she gets She still is with it,,meaning: she still makes me laugh harder than anybody in the bizz.showbiz tht is:)lol I LOVE U BETTY!!!

    1. Me too, Aimee! I’m super excited to see her on SNL. I bet they’ll put her in a target lady sketch. Maybe she’ll play a Wal-mart greeter or something. I only wish that some reruns of The Golden Girls were on right now…

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