Another Win For Peter Gabriel Fans

Phil Collins is one of those artists that totally deserves to take it on the chin whenever possible.  He’s like a slobby version of sting but with more annoying songs and a bigger ego to boot.  If that’s possible.  I mean, come on…who does that guy think he is? Remember that movie Buster? Poor poor Julie Walters.  What that woman must have suffered through on set.  Just look at what Uncylopedia has to say about him:  Phil Collins
Had to listen to him sing "Two Hearts" DOZENS of times.

OK…actually I just went and googled “Phil Collins is a jerk” –so that I could substantiate my viewpoint here–and couldn’t find much.   Disappointingly, everyone on official record testifies that he’s cool and nice and an ‘amazing soul’.  Cowards!  Still, dozens of  bloggers with only strong opinions but no credible sources agree– he is an asshat:  Closest thing to official confirmation I could find. Therefore, I insist today’s blog entry shall continue as scheduled.  This gives me an excuse to share one of my current favorite bits of comedy.  Today’ great thing is this youtube video that my friend Jon showed me:

84.  Phil Collins Goes Mad Video

It’s the video for “Sussudio” but dubbed over with what his music ACTUALLY sounds like to my ears.  Finally, the profane belching that fill my head when the radio spits out “Billy Don’t You Lose My Number” can be shared with the internet-connected masses.

That actually makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it.  The sound effect selection is impeccable.  It’s also extremely comforting to know that I’m not alone in my somewhat irrational disdain for Phil Collins.

I would actually go to a Phil Collins concert if that was a typical performance…and/or if it was the Cadbury’s gorilla on the drums.

Thank you editing genius known to me only as CharliePanther!  I highly recommend checking out some of his other macabre/hilarious creations.  Some even have unexpected Phil Collins cameos…

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