It’s A Kind Of Magic

I know that I’ve geeked out about movie trailers on this blog before. Post But that was about the general concept of trailers not just one trailer specifically.   Anyway, I just saw one today that I need to freak about.  I’ve been a bit of a Harry Potter dork since the beginning of the franchise.  I’d read all the books (a couple of times), eaten all the nasty Bertie Bott’s jelly bean tie-in candy, and purchased a Gryffindor scarf (the school that the Internet says I’d belong to if I actually attended Hogwarts–a girl can dream–and skive at work) from the Warner Brothers shop in Glasgow.  Weirdly though, I’d sort of started drifting away from my loyalty to Hogwarts and all things Harry Potter.  I’d even been merely skimming the behind-the-scenes articles in both Empire and Total Film.  I’ve just been consumed with other nerdish obsessions, like Kristen Wiig sketches on SNL.  But, with one scorchingly awesome 2 minute trailer, school is back in session, witches.

81.  The Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer

There are actually three or four trailers for the film out but this one is the winner by far.

Watch it first and then let’s nerd-splode over it together, shall we?

That John Williams score– woo wee.  Like so many of his other iconic compositions (Superman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones), “Hedwig’s Theme” sends you to the zone within the first few notes.

Look at those craggy shores at the start of the trailer and those majestic castles and Ginny Weasley.  Such sights for sore eyes.  And the actors, they’ve all grown up so handsome…sniff…

I also dig the sneak peek at what the chaos of magic entering the Muggle world is going to look like.  Collision!

But perhaps the best thing about this trailer is how it teases us with the promise of good quality Snape time in this film.  Snape and Remus Lupin were my favorite characters in the books and Alan Rickman is fricking perfect (I’m not convinced that they couldn’t have cast Lupin better than Thewlis, however.)  Please oh please let this film be chock full of dialogue that I can try my best to intone in a molasses-drenched Snape fashion.  Things like “people will think you’re…UP to something”.  Here’s a handy collection of Rickman on Snape quotables I found online:  Snape Says*Jv6aY7PnEsO8E7LcMBMBaJtoUUBBj0-KJ5y2H4D2hB--AvnQ9lSc5Kge9zYz48aqcNcOAophjj2QFzufr-BGV/snape21.jpg
If only…

At any rate, this trailer definitley passes the goosebump test.  My arm hair was at attention.

I think I might need to host a Potter-a-thon before this comes out.  I’m going to whip myself up into a right frenzy.

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