Arms and the Woman

Every movie nerd worth his or her salted popcorn will be aware that there is a new Terminator film on the horizon–Terminator Salvation starring growly Bat-actor, Christian Bale (and, incidentally,  hilarious Everybody Hates Chris actor Terry Crews). Unlike the last installment, T3, it might actually have potential–we’ll see.  I don’t know what to feel about director McG yet.  On one hand, I loved his revamp of Charlie’s Angels, it was a good blend of the goofy and good-natured.  On the other hand, he almost ruined Spaced for everyone.  But, that’s not really what I want to talk about. Today’s entry is a chance to celebrate one of the most bad-ass characters in Sci Fi.  Yes, it’s a blog chapter dedicated to the biggest guns in the whole Terminator franchise:

76. Linda Hamilton in T2
Rock. Hard.

We’re introduced to Hamilton’s Sarah Connor in the first film.  In that introductory chapter, she’s a 19 year old college student who waits tables part time.  While her tenacity and courage is made apparent throughout, she’s hardly the strong-jawed amazon that we catch up with in the second film.

She goes from this:
Eek, hold me…

To this:

Along with Angela Basset in What’s Love Got To Do With It and possibly Demi Moore in G.I.Jane, Linda Hamilton’s physique in this film is hands down one of the most excellent and widely admired displays of sculpted women in film.  In fact, in doing a bit of research for this entry, I uncovered scads of websites offering women tips on how to ‘get Linda Hamilton’s arms’.  Almost 20 years later!  It’s great that the impact has been soooo very lasting.  I implore thee to click here for an in-depth look at the cultural phenomenon of those biceps and how they affected the way women work out Hamilton’s Guns

Her physique in this film is the result of a strict diet and a cruel work-out regime designed by ex- Israeli commando Uzi Gal.  Chin-ups, after all, are harder than they look.  In the end, her super-sculpted arms may have cost her future acting jobs–though she had shed much of the bulk, audiences couldn’t separate her from that lasting and impressive impression that she made as Sarah Connor in T2.    What a shame.  Strong women should never have to apologize for their health and fortitude…I mean that literally.  They should never have to apologize.  They could pound you into sand.

I, of course, also mean that figuratively.  Why should women look like frail emaciated bobbleheads?  Sometimes it’s OK to actually LOOK like and not just BE the stronger sex.

Though she turned down the chance to work on T3, she will be reprising her role (at least in voiceover form) for the next one, Terminator Salvation.  To celebrate, let’s watch one of my favorite Sarah Connor scenes from T2.  In a scene that’s incredibly satisfying to watch,  she exacts revenge on her sadistic guards (one of them licked her face when she was strapped down–gross!) and enacts a daring escape.  She is a savage badass.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of my favorite aspects from this moment in the film:

1.  Facelicker guy that looks like fat Carey Elwes getting an ass-kicking (inconceivable!)

2.  both terminators running in a very girlish fashion (fey-bots!)

3.  Arnie pushing that lady by the face (pushy!)

4.  Sarah Connor’s tank top (so, um…do you work out?)

5.  Sarah Connor delivering a palm-heel strike to the face (karate!)

6.  breaking off the key in the door (good idea!)

7.  reaction shot when elevator opens (nightmare!)

8.  that guard that’s briefly in a shot with a super seedy village people mustache (unseemly!)

Now, unfortunately, the embedding function of this vid has been disabled, so alls I can do is give you the link.  Just click here and enjoy:

Sarah’s Escape

Now, get on those bowflexes girls.  We’ve got robots to fight!

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