The New Species Are Here! The New Species Are Here!

In grade-school, teacher after teacher tried to convince us that science was fun. With their ham-handed baking soda volcanoes and electric potatoes, they did their absolute best to instill us with the sense of all-encompassing wonder that science can deliver–you know, those spine-tingling we- are- but- a -speck- in -the- scheme- of -things types of sensations. Sometimes they managed to do that.

Other times, we wound up gagging down ‘mole’-lasses cookies. (Thanks though, Mrs. Trambley for trying to make a lesson about units of particular substance fun). Physics, alas, just isn’t my cup of tea. I’m more of a sucker for wildlife biology. Animal behavior is fascinating. I even wanted to be a vet for a spell (mostly so that I could spend all my days petting doggies).  But what really gets me all wound up and dizzy with scientific enthusiasm is when they (the scientists) release reports of the discovery of new species.  This happening is today’s great thing:

68. Brand New Animals

Why am I bringing this up right now? Because there have been reports on over 1000 new finds in the Mekong region! Holy crap, that’s a lot of new life!

Amongst those discoveries is this adorable striped rabbit.

Here’s a link to a brief article about the recent discoveries as reported by the World Wildlife Fund: Mekong Region Discoveries

One reason for the sheer multitude of undiscovered flora and fauna is because the region has, ironically, been protected by warring factions. It’s remained an unsettled region because of cultural hardships. People, literally saw the tropical area as too close to rival borders. Now, even though it is threatened, it will hopefully remain protected by human conservation efforts.

That’s the downside to finding new species. Another mouth to feed! (Environmentally speaking). Let’s hope that the good people of the Mekong region help to keep the environment pristine.

In addition to all the critters and plants found in the rain forest-like area of the Mekong, there’s been recent discoveries of sea life at the bottom of the Australian deep. Here’s a link to that article: New Sea Creatures

Pictures of these new creatures, regardless of where they are found, usually elicit one of two different reactions: utter adoration or extreme repulsion. Because, let’s face it–not everything can be a striped rabbit or a clouded leopard.

Sometimes you get things that you wish would have stayed in the jungle or under the sea.  Things like:

The Rhinoceros Beetle


The Yeti Crab


And the carnivorous Ghost Slug


With the new species, you also get some serious Dr. Seuss looking shit.  Check this Zog-Zog (seriously, I didn’t make that up.)

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Horton hears a what now?

Let’s end on some on the ‘adorable’ side of the fence.

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Stiped-Face Fruit Bat
Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Fun fact.  Every year the International Institute for Species Exploration releases a top ten ‘new species’ list.  This combines two of my favorite things:  lists and new animals.  I like.  IISE

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