Green Bean Dream

Thanksgiving is fun. I mean, it’s no Christmas, but it is a lovely tradition. The notion of a harvest feast wherein you reflect on the blessings that you’ve received in your life is wonderful. Everyone has their favorite bit about the holiday: the big football game, Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, children’s school pageants, the opportunity to draw a turkey by tracing your hand, whatever…

For most of us, the main attraction is the food. And sure, the turkey might be king of the table for some, but I’m not alone in my viewpoint that it’s all about the side-dishes baby. All about the side-dishes. If Stove Top Stuffing is the king (see stove top) , than the queen of accompaniments is today’s great thing:

59. Green Bean Casserole

The soup-slathered beans are topped with fried onions and baked until scalding hot. The outcome is a casserole that is extra crunchy on top and super gloppy underneath. Perfection. The original recipe dates back to 1955. American hero, Dorcas Reilly, was a Campbell’s kitchen supervisor and came up with the recipe (one of many soup-focused dishes to come out of corporate headquarters).

I give thanks for you, Dorcas Reilly!

There’s more of the origin story available, if you care to know, in this USA Today article article. And there’s more about Dorcas Reilly, including a photo from her induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame (in 2002), here: Yay, Dorcas!

When my Grandma was still feeding my massive Catholic family, this dish was always included and it was swiftly gobbled up. Since moving to Britain, I haven’t been able to indulge my casserole tooth as much. We’re lacking one basic component in our English supermarkets, Durkee French Fried Onions. I suppose I could make my own, or rather my girlfriend could give it a try (she’s the better cook and feeds us regularly) but part of what makes the green bean casserole so very delicious is its processed ease! It’s almost like, when people make it with ingredients that are too fresh, it’s not as good. It goes from scrumptious comfort food to bleh health food in a jiff. So, having everything about it come out of a can is key. I wouldn’t stray too far from the original recipe. Here it is:

Green Bean Casserole

What with all the hard times nowadays, people are hungering for this delicacy all the more. Apparently, searches on for green bean casserole are up 15%. We’re all poor and we crave the hot, easy, cheap, and creamy. Just look at it.

It’s truly a side-dish to unite us all. There’s even a vegan version (if you’re going to stray from the original recipe, this should be the only reason). Vegans click here

Happy Thanksgiving. If you’re in The States, please eat a portion for me!

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