Halloweiner Dog

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s a great day to be alive and celebrating all things ghoulish and witchy! I do love this day. New York City is one of the best places to celebrate the holiday with its impressive parade, endless partying, and most importantly, a gathering of today’s great thing in Union Square Park.

53. Pets in Halloween costumes

Yes, that’s right. It’s more animal abuse for this blog. The Union Square animal Halloween parade isn’t the only one of its kind, though. Other cities have similar events. In fact, maybe yours does. If not, why not organize one? As I’m sure you’re inclined to agree, a gathering of people and their clownishly outfitted dogs is a happy happy ocassion.

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What is it about dressing pets up that’s so funny? Well, I suppose it works on many levels. First of all, there’s the anthropomorphism of it all. Dogs don’t celebrate Halloween. They also have no point of reference regarding what it is they’re dressed up as. I don’t think those chihuahuas from the opening picture have any understanding of the religious order. Well maybe. Who can say for sure? Secondly, there’s the daftness of it. Can you believe that there’s a whole industry out there to service your dog costume needs? What a world! Believe me, I’m grateful for the laughter. Lastly, it’s the humiliation of it all. I know it sounds cruel, but laughing at a dog in a costume works on the same principle as laughing at a pie in the face. You’re laughing because someone was made to look like a jerk. Sometimes that someone is your dog.

I especially like when the breed of dog is coordinated with the costume choice. For instance, a pug is the ideal candidate for a spider costume.


Don’t you think? Especially a black pug. Fantastic!

Some dogs are really suited for bee outfits. Pugs look good in them too.

Here’s a website that is entirely devoted to the phenomenon that is ‘beedogs’. It’s highly amusing.

Bee Dogs

Sometimes, people manage to snap pics of their pets looking like what could pass for a highschool yearbook pose in their costumes. It’s a bit hard to explain so let me demonstrate with visual aids.







Am I right? I mean, you understand now, right? Tell me you see it too.

Anyway, there’s not much more to say about this phenomenon. Please, dear reader, just promise me this: should you ever have a dog, please be a responsible owner and dress it up in garish and ridiculous outfits at least once per year. Otherwise, why even HAVE a dog?

Also, don’t forget to put boots on it. Dog Boots

Now, enjoy some hilarious photo montages that I found on Youtube, featuring–you guessed it–dogs in costumes.

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