Man, I wish I hadn’t just used the word ‘impression’ in my last blog title.

There’s not much more satisfying, comedically, than a pitch perfect impression.  I can do a couple people (my Jennifer Tilly is alright I think–though there is little call for it nowadays), but I’ve always admired comics and actors that have a whole repertoire at their fingertips.   You get people like Bill Hammond on “Saturday Night Live” who can pass as an endless parade of celebrities and politicians.

Impressionists get all the chicks...
Impressionists get all the chicks…

What’s even more impressive though, is when the skill comes as a complete surprise.  It’s a hidden ability, really, the gift of spot-on vocal mockery.  Something that stuns you if you don’t see it coming…  Today’s great thing is a case of that:

32.  Lucy Lawless as Stevie Nicks in “Fajita Roundup”

Who knows how many impressions Lucy Lawless can do?  Maybe it’s dozens, maybe it’s just Stevie Nicks, but this commercial parody was definitely the highlight of Lawless’ SNL episode.  Let’s talk about what a great name Lucy Lawless is.  Alliteration and a badass surname.  You can call me Kate Chaos from now on.  And, unlike my new moniker,  hers isn’t made up.  Sure, her maiden name is Ryan, but it WAS her married name for awhile (it was her first husband’s surname).  Lucky Lucy Lawless.  IMDB does list one of her nicknames as being ‘Unco’ though–short for uncoordinated.  So, I guess it all evens out in the end.  God gives and taketh away.  A killer stage-name for all your dexterity.

This sketch, to me, feels like a Fallon/Sanz creation.  Weren’t they the ones that were always doing song parodies?  They were always ‘corpsing’ each other as well.  So, it’s probably a good thing that they weren’t front and center for this one.  I tried scouring the Internet for writing credits on this sketch.   But, I couldn’t find anything.  So, if anyone knows, please either confirm or deny.


According to some unsubstantiated web ramblings, this sketch almost didn’t make the cut because Lawless wasn’t sure if it was funny enough.  Without Lawless’ pitch perfect Nicksian singing style, maybe it wouldn’t have been funny.  Maybe it would’ve fallen into the ‘zany’ side of things.  I’m not a fan of ‘zany’.  When you think about it, just shoving Mexican menu items into the lyrics of Fleetwood Mac songs is almost the definition of zany…maybe with a toke of stoner humor injected into it as well.  Luckily, it works.  Now, finally, enough of my blather.  You can watch it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Other unsubstantiated web rumours say that Stevie Nicks loves the sketch.  Which is very jolly of her.

4 responses to “Man, I wish I hadn’t just used the word ‘impression’ in my last blog title.”

  1. LOL loved your review on Lucy Lawless. 🙂 She’s my favorite actress, she’s great at comedy but I was disappointed with her SNL appearance; the material given was terrible and didn’t showcase her talent. The only one that was funny was of course the Stevie Nicks sketch.

  2. Thanks Angela! I agree that Lucy is good at comedy. I understand why she’s always cast as sci-fi glamazons, but I’d love to see her in more funny stuff. Meanwhile, love your website.

  3. I love that sketch aswell. I love SNL and I understand what your saying Ms McCabe with regard to inserting Mexican food into the Fleetwood Mac song. But Lucy Lawless gives a brill performance. I love it so much that my gf downloaded it for me from itunes and I have it on my ipod now. Is that abit sad NO is the answer, it makes me laugh.

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