The Spirit of ’76’

So, today I’m a bit pleased with myself because I feel like I’m a bit ahead of the curve on this one.  Sure it’s been covered by other blogs but most of my readers (hi Mom,  Steph, and Rachael) won’t know about this item yet.  It’s really cool already but has the potential to enter worldwide greatness territory.  If only they’ll hurry up and make more of them!  Derek Waters, the creator of today’s great thing, has a solid comedy resume that includes work with one of America’s leading schools of improv, The Upright Citizens Brigade.  But, the list of people he’s worked with is even better–people like Michael Cera, Jack Black, and one of my faves from my NYC days, Jen Kirkman.  You can find today’s entry all over the Internet these days (but mostly at

29.  Drunk History

 Somebody told me that “Drunk History” might eventually get developed into a television series.  I hope so…or at the very least a DVD compilation of sorts.  The premise is this:  get a comedian liquored up and then ask them to regale you with a tale from history.  As a rule, booze doesn’t make you funnier.  Unlike pot, it only makes you more annoying to others.  And potentially violent and barfy.  But this concept works because Derek isn’t asking the comedians to say anything funny.  It’s just funny because the comics are a mess and the historical anecdote comes out with all sorts of personal commentary and swear words. 

The Comedy Store
The Comedy Store


 As long as the comics that are cast as narrators continue to treat the gig like a serious exercise, I think the charm will last.  I think they might actually get to choose their own subject matter which obviously ensures that there will be some grotesque passion attached to the delivery of the history lesson.  What elevates this to greatness is the film that accompanies the narration.  They employ comedy stars to act out–word for hiccupy word–what the comedian is saying.  It’s best when the actors keep all the mis-shapen dialogue intact…the burps and stutters in perfect synchronization with their actions.

There are only four episodes so far.  We’ve seen Mark Gagliardi discuss Alexander Hamilton’s duel with Aaron Burr, Eric Falconer take on Ben Franklin and electricity (and in a sequel episode, Franklin’s escapades with adultery).  The latter is exceptionally funny as Jack Black plays Franklin…Black is effortlessly hilarious, as always, but even better is his wig…he looks like a tubby King Charles Spaniel.  The wig almost steals the show. 

You can check out all of the videos here:  Drunk History

But the best of the bunch is probably this one with Jen Kirkman.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


You can read more about Oney Judge here at Kirkman’s blog:

She’s a funny gal.  Get to know her!


If I’m ever asked to partake in this project (it’s my blog–my fantasies can take whatever shape I want them to), I think I’ll talk about how Superman won WW2 for The Allies.  Sure, our American History classes tell us that Captain America that saved the day, but these covers don’t lie!

If someone drew it then it must be true...
If someone drew it then it must be true…


Further proof...
Further proof…

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