Definitely in my top ten websites

As it is Monday when I’m writinig this here blog entry, it seems like a poetic occasion to laud yet another time-killing website.  Today’s great thing is:

 24.  The List Universe

I’ll give you the link in a couple of paragraphs, but let’s have a chat about it first.  This is a website devoted to lists.  Who doesn’t love a list?  I’ll read a list of anything.  This site though, has it down to an art-form.  It’s not solely top tens.  Frequently, they post lists that are a rather random smattering of examples within a category.  For example, they recently had a list called “20 Amazing and Unusual Weather Phenomena”.  But then they go and counter that bit of edutainment with a list of “Top 10 Worst Dolls Ever”.  Fun!  Obviously, they run the gamut.  Even better, they have a random list generator widget on the home page so you can surprise yourself with what to read next.  Tricks!

Because the topics are so varied, I find that it’s a website that renews my interest in the world at large.  No, I’m not particularly educated about or typically interested in the goings on of Palestine, but read about the ten ages of Palestine in a convenient and entertaining list format?  Hell yes!

previously uninteresting
previously uninteresting

 There is an open invite on the site to create and submit your own lists.  But, they’re so good at it, anything I did would pale in comparison.  Here, I’ll have a go just to show you.  Top Ten Smurfs:

1.  Smurfette-for obvious reasons

2.  Hefty–Cuz he’s strong and stuff

3.  Handy–Useful

4.  Brainy–Useful

5.  Jokey–Better to have him on your good side lest you get exploded with a present.

6.  Vanity–Cuz I’m a gay.

7.  Clumsy–Comedy value

8.  Tracker–Because he wears a red feather in his cap

Hates this list soooo much!
Hates this list soo much

9.  Harmony–What’s a world without music?

10.  Sweepy–Because I love Cockney stereotypes

*Bonus Smurf–Brunette Smurfette—Rowr!!!



Yeah…that wasn’t so good.  This just serves to illustrate my point that it’s harder than it looks.  Fact-checking is also a must.  You have to be prepared to deal with the input of the readers who can post their dissent and/or their own expertise in the comment section.  You have to have a leg to stand on, in other words. Here’s the website, take a look at how they do it:

The Listverse  Just open up the homepage here and click on one of the lists.

What did you think?  Addictive, yes?

The listverse, it must be said, is more than just lists.  It also hosts forums for hot topics of the day which range anywhere from gay marriage to superhero films and hosts links to a million other amazing articles that they aren’t  responsible for writing but are nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable–a veritable microcosm of other lists.  You’ll find those under “hotlinks” on the homepage.  Today, it enticed me into reading an article about 10 reasons to go gray. 

To be fair, I only clicked the link because I thought it read “10 reasons to go gay”, but I still found it  worthy once I learned otherwise.

Here’s the guy who started it all, Jamie Frater:



A Kiwi who now resides in London, Jamie Frater started the list because like me, he “loves lists and trivia”.

Where our similarities end is besides being a handsome man, he’s also a trained opera singer.  Oh, and actually, up until a few years ago he was actually a software developer.  Oh and he’s a composer now too.  And I thought I was accomplishing alot by keeping this blog updated and working a 9-5.  Fricking geniuses raising the bar for the little bloggers.  Knock me off my high horse why don’t you?  Reading about other people’s accomplishments coincidentally is one of the top 10 ways to deflate your ego.

 Anyway, now that I’ve introduced you two, I hope you happily while away your workdays on the listverse.  You’re very welcome.

One response to “Definitely in my top ten websites”

  1. Not the most interesting topic, but I love the way you write. So, it was, as always a pleasure.

    Love Mon

    ps can you tell me if I am your number one fan? And does that entitle me to anything? Can a suggest a fridge magnet with your face on.

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