It was such a toss-up today.  I really couldn’t decide what to write about.  I was in the middle of researching something else (and yes, by researching I mean googling videos and reading IMDB), that I stumbled across one of my favorite ever SNL digital videos.

“Dick in a Box” is fab, sure–but I think this one is just as funny.  It’s just a little more subtle–if that can be a word to describe it.  The digital videos are really good at parodying pop culture stylings…especially 80’s throwbacks.  I mean, “Dick in a Box” is essentially a Color Me Badd video.  This is another fine piece of 80’s mockery.

Today’s great thing is:

14.  SNL’s Body Fuzion video

There’s no sense raving about it anymore until you’ve seen it, so let’s get right to it, shall we?


Vodpod videos no longer available.

 There’s not much written about “Body Fuzion”, especially in comparison to some of the flashier SNL digital video shorts.  But I like so many things about it.  First of all, the women on “SNL”, have always been hilarious–but this clip highlights what I think is a bit of a shift in focus for the show.  You hear stories about how women need to fight tooth and claw to get their sketches on the show or how they have to beg the writers to for a showcase type of opportunity.   Here’s a video where all of the female castmembers of the time (yes, a paltry 3 + guest host for the episode, Drew Barrymore) shine.  It looks even better after you watch a clip of a real 80’s workout video, like this one featuring Jane Fonda:
Dead on, right?  The real thing totally has that soft-porn feel that the SNL video parodies.  Capital!
I think my favorite bits are:
-Maya Rudolph’s enthusiastic ‘wooh’ during low level exertion
-Maya Rudolph’s pencil lifting
-The close-ups of sweaty leotards
-That Drew’s ‘friends’ include two Donnas
-Drew’s head popping up from crotch-level
When is SNL going to release ‘best of’ type compilations for players like Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph like they have for the guys?  If they don’t soon, I may just have to keep featuring them on this here blog so that I have an excuse to watch clips like these.

3 responses to “Super-fit”

  1. So many good points in one sketch. I love the difference between high impact and low impact.
    But the best bit is the end celebration.

    And yes, Ms McCabe when are we going to see the “best of SNL ladies”. Can we start a petition?

    Keep on writing, cos you keep me smiling.

  2. I have been looking for this video. There’s something about it that is just so wonderfully ridiculous. It captures everything so perfectly. All of the women in the clip are perfect, but I think time will show Kristen Wiig to become a legend of comedy one day. She is consistently the funniest person on that show. Thanks for this post and great blog!

    My film review blog:

    1. Thanks for reading, Mark! I agree. Wiig has the Midas touch. She was even good in that Ricky Gervais movie. I was disappointed that SNL got rid of Michaela Watkins this year. I thought she had real potential. Looks like all the heavy lifting will be all Kristen’s for awhile…at least until the two new girls find their way around.

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