What Would Artemis work out to?


Ever watch “Clash of The Titans” and think, ‘Ya know?  There’s something about robot owls and gorgons that really makes me wanna cut loose on the dance floor.’  Well maybe you have and maybe you haven’t,  

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.
I don't think you're ready for this jelly.
but I’m glad that somebody has.  Because, as it turns out, the blend of Greek Mythology and experimental 70’s disco is wicked awesome.
10.  Hercules and Love Affair  is today’s bit of greatness.  When I first saw the video for “Blind” (a single off of their self-titled debut), I was sweating on the Precor elliptical machine at my local Virgin gym. The gym always has several T.V. stations on display so that you can choose either news, sports, or music videos to distract yourself from the self-flagellation that is a 30 minute cardio workout.  Normally, I just listen to my Mp3 player and gloss over.  But, the cute girl who stars in the video caught my eye and I decided to tune in for a moment.  The video looked super conceptual but a bit cheesy and I naturally assumed that Hercules and Love Affair were some German club confection that I could dance to but never really understand.
Later, when I read in a music review that they were actually from Brooklyn, I decided that maybe I could give another track a listen.  That’s when I heard “Hercules’ Theme”.  It’s probably one of the best songs on the album and was a lock in getting me to purchase the whole enchilada.

Big Pimpin'
Big Pimpin'
It’s irresistibly disco but seems artsy and improvisational at the same time.
Through its throwbacks, the album sounds fantastically unique.  If pressed to summarize their style, I think I could accurately describe it as a blend of Earth Wind and Fire, early Moby, and Nathan Johnson (he composed the horn-heavy score for the movie “Brick”).
Besides conjuring up images of Xena and Gabby doing the hustle at Dinah Shore, Hercules and Love affair already have massive gay appeal.  Though it’s described a a ‘musical project’ featuring several members, it seems quite obvious after reading several interviews that DJ Andy Butler would be the ringleader for this group.  It’s his love affair with Greek mythology and his demands for dance music that is both intelligent and respectable that created this whole thing.  This article gets in to much more detail about his influences http://www.musicomh.com/interviews/hercules-and-love-affair_0408.htm.  If you’re a bit obsessive, like me, it’s a very interesting read.
The contributing vocalists definitely add a certain complexity to the product and serve to gay it up even more.  Antony Hegarty, Nomi, and Kim Ann Foxman all lie somewhere on the LGBT scale.
Let's just cut to the chase.  Gay.  All of 'em.
Gay. Like how good disco should be.

 Here’s bit of H and LA for you.  “Hercules’ Theme” was written in the style of a Greek chorus.  How cool is that?

Hercules and Love Affair


Hercules and Love Affair are now on my radar for live shows.  I don’t go see lots of live shows because I’m lazy and boring, but if they ever pass through Manchester, I will wear my best golden fleece and haul my ass down to the dance floor.

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  1. Great Site, K. Really enjoyed reading it, have added it to my daily reading so no pressure about keeping it up to date!

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