The Unsung Heroes

Many of you, like me, probably work at/around a desk for 7-9 hours per day.  Usually, I’m tap-tap-tapping away on my keyboard growing dizzier and dizzier staring at the white-bright data trove that is my monitor.  Once in awhile though, someone sends a forward that is so amazing, that I am forced to snap out of my repetition-induced stupor and sit up and take notice!  Today, I was gifted with such a forward.

The authors of email forwards truly are unsung heroes.  I’m not talking about jerk-wads that create spam.  If my right-wing relatives never send me another fact-less republican diatribe again I’ll be grateful.  I never want to read another email where the moral/punchline is ‘these colors don’t run’ or ‘And that’s why everyone should boycott Disney!’ 

What I’m really referring to here are those altruistic gift-givers who find pictures of dinner in the sky:

…or the best carved pumpkins

…or dogs that look like their owners

But, see what I did there?  That was lazy!  All I did was copy links.  The people that create a good email to forward go through the trouble of trawling internet sites for the best of the best and thematically inserting those jokes and/or photos into one easy to read email.  Eventually, their compilation or composition will have an audience of millions (maybe).  Do they ever get any praise or thanks for their effort?  No.  So, that’s why I want to make one of these lists our next great thing. 

8.  13 Reasons Not To Get Drunk With Your Friends (Email Forward)

It successfully captures a kind of ‘thank god that’s not me’ type of schadenfreude.  It made me laugh and laugh and laugh at how sadistic some people are.  These are supposed to be their friends!  Check it out.  The actual forward was 20 pics but I’m THAT lazy that I can’t even be bothered to cut and paste all of them which only serves to further highlight the effort that these invisible authors have to put into their e-forwards.   (Thanks to Jenny from work for forwarding this to all of us and brightening our day–and extra special thanks to whoever it is out there in cyberspace who lovingly created it in the first place).























































































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