You’d have to be made of kryptonite…

One of the many ways that I get though my 9-5-er is to cycle through my favorite websites.  I like to see the latest in news, entertainment, and hilariously captioned photographs of kittens.  As I don’t smoke, I view this five to ten minute goof-off break during the hour as the equivalent to stepping outside and lighting one up.  They say that you’re supposed to take a ten minute break for every hour of work you do.  Technically, that break should be away from your computer, but what can I say, I’m a rebel and I’ll never ever be any good.   A worthwhile entry into my list of favorited websites is our next great thing:


This is one of those websites that I so wished I had created.  The marketing potential alone makes me envious.  Think of the tee-shirts you could hawk!  Nothing is keeping you from checking it out now instead of reading me blathering on about it, but, in a nutshell, this website is a hilarious museum of embarrassing comic book covers (and sometimes panels).  It would seem that the real inspiration for this website would be the shocking multitude of comic covers out there that display our most iconic hero being, basically, a dick.  Whether it’s taunting Jimmy Olsen, condescending to Lois Lane, or beating up his Super Friends, Supes has appeared  on hundreds of covers acting far less than heroically.  The gimmick behind these (primarily silver-age) covers, from a publishing perspective, is to get that casual newsstand browser to pick up the book after seeing the sensational cover.  Otherwise, they’d never know what on Earth would cause Superman to incinerate the bathrobe that Jimmy Olsen gave him with his heat vision (for example).

These photos are captioned by the site’s owners and are usually apt and snarky.  So, there’s two laughs to be had for each entry! 

Originating as a thread on a Transformer’s message board, mocking super-lame comic covers/situations soon became all the rage for a certain breed of nerd.  Today, we can all reap the benefits of their hard work. 

The website does currently accept submissions.  So, keep your eyes peeled for another Spidey-clone scenario and send it in.  They might use it!

For whatever reason, DC is the publisher with by far the highest representation here.  Legitimately, they probably just have way more silly covers.  But, as a fan of both of the biggies, Marvel and DC, I would like to see some equalization.  Help me, people!  Find some terrible Fantastic Four covers and send them on in! 

Other galleries on the site include:

‘Sufferin’ Sappho’, in which Wonder Woman’s predilection for bondage (and sometimes occasional lesbianism) is highlighted. 


View this!


Another Night at Vanilla.
Another Night at Vanilla.


Other galleries focus on outrageous propaganda, ridiculous science, and Batman’s gay-ness. 


some things are best left unsaid...
some things are best left unsaid…



Now, what are you waiting for?  Put down that homework!  Stop ‘having family time’ at the dinner table.  Get back behind the computer and log on to appreciate all the work these guys have put into this site for our enjoyment.  It’s time to thank the thankless people!

One response to “You’d have to be made of kryptonite…”

  1. Thank you, Professor, for introducing me to these delights, without which I would never have beheld the bizarre spectacle of Spiderman’s anus creating an enormous splash as he receives a good, square punch to it.

    Pure genius.

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