…I really really do

…Love things that are great, that is.  Not a day goes by where I don’t find myself in some kind of mini-obsessive grip over something.  It might be a song on the radio, a page from someones blog, or the cookie that I just ate. 

something great
something great

 Great things are all around us just waiting to be consumed/enjoyed. 

I hope to update this blog on a daily basis (maybe taking the weekends off…dunno yet–if the greatness of an experience is so urgent that it can’t wait for the work week, I’ll go ahead and post).  I’m doing this to share with the world–or the two family members that will read this blog–things that I think are great.  Hopefully, you’ll think they’re great too…or good at the very least.   Other reasons include:

1. Helping to distract our nation’s workforces with yet another web page to surf.

2. Providing a healthy outlet for the many nerdgasms that I experience over ‘great’ things.

3. To construct a web-based museum with which to showcase awesomeness in all of its many forms.                                   

In posting items of greatness up here, I’ll go into a bit about why I think they’re great, post clips and pics when available, and give any related thoughts on the matter. 

The inspiration behind this venture is really my tendency to obsess about things or what in gentler terms is called ‘geeking out’.  I blame it on my desk job.   If I didn’t actually have to be somewhere and doing something for eight hours a day, I might actually reach my limit with my intake of pop culture and items of entertainment.  Left to my own devices, I’d probably do nothing but read, watch movies and tv, and eat…with the odd hour or two of video gaming worked in…oh and make mix cds for my friends.  Maybe, I’d turn into one of those people that learns the hard way that over-indulgence in anything can be bad–like when kids get caught smoking and their Dad, as punishment, makes them smoke a whole pack and they puke.  Like…maybe after watching Robocop  AND and all the sequels I’d feel sick to my stomach from overdosing on too much of a good thing–becoming a better person from learning that lesson the hard way!  But, we’ll never know because I’m not rich and I have to have a job.  So, it looks like I’ll probably always be jonesing for my next hit…  

Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of not so great stuff out there.  There might be a yin to the yang that is this blog in due time.  Maybe, “I hate things that are crap”.  But, I’m gonna go with the positive world view first. 

The first item up for applause is:

1.  Alec Baldwin’s turn as Tony Bennett on ‘Saturday Night Live’. 

Because of his sheer awesomenss, Baldwin is invited to host ‘SNL’ frequently.  So often in fact, that writers are able to create recurring characters for him (Pete Shwetty, for instance).  He’s on par with the likes of Steve Martin, John Goodman, and Tom Hanks as far as reliability goes. 

I could go on about the hundreds of other reasons why Alec Baldwin is great.  That essay would go something like …blah blah blah wanted to provide his own voice in “Team America”…blah blah blah “Beetlejuice”…blah blah blah…”30 Rock”….blah blah blah Canteen Boy…blah blah blah…’rude thoughtless little pig’.

Plus, in her stand-up routine Janeane Garofalo attests that during her ‘SNL’ years, he was one of the nicest hosts ever.  She calls him ‘Johnny on the Spot’ for his ability to provide whatever was needed in any given circumstance.  Example:  Need a light?  Matches.  ‘Cough’.  Lozenge.  I think that’s good personal reference.

In this sketch, his impression of the legendary crooner is effortless and good-natured.  The sketch is called ‘The Tony Bennett Show’ and in it, Alec-Tony sings a bit, chats a bit, and shills whatever product is sponsoring the show that week. 

Also, the reason that this is my first Great Thing is that this sketch is the birthplace of my blog’s name.

Have a look.  Watch out for:

–Super punctuated pronunciation of Puddle of Mudd

–Good sport real Tony Bennett

–The bit about barbecued Fritos

Enjoy it, I think you’ll find that it’s great.


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  2. hahahahaha — this is GREAT!!! I’m so happy you’re blogging McCabe. Can’t wait to see what else you post! xoxo

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