Giggidy Gigs! Come and See Me!







Friday 28th–Kate McCabe: Stuff & Nonsense (solo show), Leeds, 6PM, The Fenton, Event Info Here

Friday 28th–My Life Comedy Night, Standish, 7PM,

Saturday 29th–Murder Inc at The Discount Comedy Fest, Leeds, 945PM, The Fenton, Event Info Here



Thursday 4th–Murder Inc, Manchester, 8PM, Ape and Apple, Event Info Here

Friday 5th–Saying ‘Sod This’ to Homelessness, Manchester, 8PM, 53Two, Event Info Here

Sunday 7th–The Great Mirth Run, Manchester, 12:30PM, Tribeca, Event Info Here

Sunday 7th–ComedySportz, Manchester, 3:30PM, 53Two, Event Info Here

Tuesday 16th–Bang Bang Improv, Manchester, 7:30, Salford Uni, Event Info Here

Thursday 18th–Macclaughs, Macclesfield, Event Info Here

Saturday 20th–ComedySportz, Sale, 6:30PM, Sale Waterside, Event Info Here













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